Welcome to Our Blank Slate Home!

As you may have read in my About section, we just bought our first home!! It is a townhome, which we were not super expecting. We were hoping for a single family home, but we had been out bid on several offers during our house hunt in our crazy market.

Welcome to our townhome!

Our agent sent us the link to our townhome the day I decided to give up! When Nate got home from work, we looked at it together and decided it looked nice, so we headed over to check it out. Because it’s a new build, we were able to put in an offer right at price and it got accepted! It was such a whirlwind, but we got it all done.

We love the home, but it is definitely brand new and generic. It still had dust from the drywall on the ground! Everything is greige. The walls, ceilings, moldings, doors, flooring and carpet. The cabinets were white and dark brown. We were able to get a washer/dryer and fridge moved in, and we were set.

Here are some pictures of our blank slate!

These are from a walk through as we were closing, so they are a little haphazard, but they will give you an idea of what we are working with. We are on a quest to add character and personal touches and make it home. I’m so excited, it’s hard to slow down enough to make sure we’re not making mistakes and we’re actually doing what we want with the space. I have soooo many ideas for what I want to do. I’m excited to share our journey with you!


Outside we face the courtyard
They are going to be adding BBQ’s and a splash pad, I’m so excited!
Can’t wait to design the front porch!

I would love to get some patio furniture like this for our little concrete pad! We’re planning to fence it in once they’re finished with the landscaping.

I love the color of our door!


I want to paint the entryway so bad
The door opens to the entryway, which splits to the first and second level
This side of the living space will be Raylee’s play area
Kind of a weird setup with wall space, so we’re going to try and have our TV in front of the left wall space.
I really like the kitchen setup and how much storage space there is.
Room for our fridge, once we get it!
I’m also really glad we have a pantry!

Here’s what the kitchen looks like after painting our kitchen island!

This room is really long, so we’ll have to get creative with design.
There’s a gorgeous window in the landing between second and third floor, and I love it.
Full bath upstairs, which will be for the baby now and kids in the future

Here’s our tropical spa bathroom makeover.

Third bedroom upstairs, which will be a spare for now.
Downstairs room leading to the garage. We’re excited because this will be our game room!
Door from the game room, which leads to the patio and courtyard.

Overall, it’s super nice space! We’re ready to make it cozy, give it some character, and make it home. ❤

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