Easy Tropical Spa Bathroom Makeover

tropical spa bathroom Hanging palm leaf on white background

Palm Branch

Tropical Spa Bathroom

I am so excited about our new master bath decor! Nate and I have slightly different styles (hello Farmhemian decor!) However, we both wanted a tropical spa bathroom in our new house, so that was one of our first projects. I love our progress so far.

I seriously have like, nighttime dreams about tropical bathrooms. 🤦🤷 Unfortunately, there are no windows in our current bathroom. It does get indirect light from the bedroom so we’re still trying to see if live plants could survive in there. Right now, I only have fake plants in there.

I was super happy when we toured our house to find that it has shiplap tile in the tub and shower! I’ve never seen this before and I really like it. Our townhome is a new build, so VERY little was personalized, but this was a really nice touch.

I love the palm hanging in the shower and the tropical leaf art on the wall outside. It really feels luxurious, like I’m on vacation instead of home showering. 🙂 And nice white towels always feel so spa-like to me! I like white towels because they don’t get beached with any of the products I use the way colored towels do. Any marks that don’t come out can be bleached back to white.

Monstera Leaf Art

tropical spa bathroom Monstera leaf hanging wall art
Monstera leaf hanging wall art in bathroom

I can’t believe that this art is so cheap considering it’s so large and high quality. We got the 24×36 green leaf 4 in the teakwood frame and it was just over $25! I originally ordered this for Raylee’s jungle bedroom, but I actually thought it looked a little too big over her crib. I’m glad though, because it’s the PERFECT focal point for our tropical bathroom.

Teakwood shower bench

Shower bench with gold leaf tray, towel and body wash

We also got this teakwood bench, since our shower doesn’t have ledges and shaving my legs has been difficult! Teakwood is the most water resistant wood, and I’m planning to get some teakwood oil to maintain it with.

Target Gold Leaf Trinket Tray

Gold Leaf Tray

It always amazes me how just a few high impact items can really change the space! I’m so happy with how it looks. Now I just want to bring in some tropical birds and play ambient waterfall sounds while I shower. 😉

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