Easy Fourth of July Breakfast

Easy fourth of July Breakfast

The fourth of July really snuck up on us this year! We have been doing so much with moving in,getting things organized, both our jobs, and taking care of Raylee. I wanted a really easy fourth of July breakfast.

Mom and baby dressed in red white and blue

We went to our town’s fourth of July celebration and had some really good Hawaiian food. After I was too tired to go to the store so we didn’t have much in the house this morning for breakfast. But I really wanted to make something festive!

I really like pancakes with berry compote, but we didn’t have any berries in the house. 😦 I checked the pantry and found these red, white and blue sprinkles and decided we could at least spruce up our pancakes.

Making the pancakes

I used pancake mix to keep things simple on a holiday morning. I was SOOOO excited to find out that Kodiak Cakes now makes dairy free protein pancake mix!! So delicious and nutritious.

I like to add butter to the frying pan so the pancakes crisp up well, then skip adding butter once it’s on my plate. And I ALWAYS use real maple syrup, because it’s like in a whole different ballpark from imitation!

The trick to good sprinkle pancakes is to let the pancake cook a little extra on the first side. Then sprinkle on the sprinkles right before you flip. That way they don’t have as much time to bleed. I just used some sprinkles I had on hand, but bigger sprinkles like these cute red white and blue stars would work even better.

Easy fourth of July Breakfast

I hope you enjoy this easy twist for a festive fourth of July breakfast! Check out an easy way to serve jigglers to babies and toddlers!

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