Baby Bath Time Products I Love

Cute baby in hooded elephant towel Baby Bath time Products

Is there anything cuter than a baby at bath time? Raylee absolutely LOVES taking baths, and I love how cute and soft she is after. It also really helps her sleep better. (We learned that from Taking Cara Babies. I recommend this class for every new parent!) Here are some of my and her favorite baby bath time products.


We use this little baby/toddler tub for her. It grows with her with the sling for newborn, lay back for baby and sit up for toddler options. I can’t believe she is sitting up on her own now! 😭 She used to love splashing and kicking with her legs when she was using the lay back side.

It’s nice, because I could use it on the counter when she was super little and fill it up with the kitchen faucet, and now that she’s bigger and we have more space we just put it right into the tub and she can splash as much as she wants without making a mess and we don’t have to fill the whole bathtub, we can just fill her little tub quickly and save water.

Cute baby in hooded elephant towel

Baby Towel

We got this adorable hooded elephant towel from our baby registry when Raylee was born. It’s the perfect size. Some other ones we got were really cute, but just really small and non-absorbent. This one is so snuggly and big enough to wrap her in a dry her off at the same time. She looks so cute in it too!

I love the little elephant hood! Her nursery is safari themed, so this fits right in. 🙂

Bath Toys

Raylee’s school of fish is her favorite toy! She even likes to play with it outside of the bathtub. The little fish are just the right size for her tiny hands to grip and still be challenging. She loves to crawl around with one in her hand! They are absolutely adorable too and I don’t mind seeing them around the floor because they are so cute. 🙂

My only worry is since it’s four pieces (three fish and the boat) that one might get lost, because she does love to trail them around the house. They squirt water, and it hasn’t been an issue so far to dry them out when we just spray out the water after bath time, but that could be an issue if you just leave them after bath time and don’t squeeze the water out.

Diaper Cream and Body/Hair Wash

One more thing I wasn’t expecting, but really love is this Doterra baby diaper rash cream and hair and body wash. We got it as a baby shower gift and I was surprised at how much I love it! They both smell absolutely amazing and makes her hair and skin so soft! It really captures the newborn baby smell in a bottle, which I didn’t think was possible!

It’s a little more expensive than the grocery store brands, but I think it’s worth it for the quality and I’ve used them for 9 months and still have plenty left. I plan to get these for my future babies too. We also got a lotion with this set, but it’s either sold out or discontinued because I couldn’t find a link for it. I will link it if it comes back in stock.

Let me know in the comments what baby bath time products you love!

Cute baby in hooded elephant towel

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