Easy, Perfect Birthday Door Streamers

Easy perfect birthday door streamers

Birthday door streamers are a super fun, easy way to kick off a birthday! I put together these cute blue and yellow streamers in about 5 minutes.

Here’s the trick to easy, perfect birthday door streamers.

1. Rip first, then cut.

This is the biggest tip! Don’t waste time trying to cut the perfect streamers, all to the same length and get them all lined up perfectly. Rip streamers that are slightly longer than you need. I used the door to measure one streamer, then used that as a pattern to rip the rest.

2. Cut a big piece of shipping tape.

This tape will be your anchor for your streamers. Don’t waste time taping up each individual streamer. Cut your tape so it can go all the way across the door frame, with about three inches extra on each side. Find something (I used my washing machine) you can tape the ends to, so it doesn’t move. Just tape down each of the ends so the sticky side of the tape is facing up.

3. Stick on your streamers.

Arrange the streamers however you want them, just make sure the ripped edges are above the top edge of the tape. Do your best to hang them on straight, but don’t worry about the top edge being perfect. I left a little space in between each one so the tape could peek through. This helped me stick it up when it was ready.

4. Cut the streamers along the top of the tape to create a clean line.

This takes less than 30 seconds and really improves the look of the streamers!

Easy perfect birthday door streamers
Easy perfect birthday door streamers
Easy perfect birthday door streamers

5. Hang and trim the streamers.

Hang the streamers over the doorframe. The sticky ends of tape plus any gaps you left in between the streamers should be plenty strong enough to hold them up. Then, take your scissors and clean up the bottom edge. I have a 9 month old crawler, so I left a gap under my streamers, but you can make them go all the way to the floor.

Easy perfect birthday door streamers

6. Enjoy your easy, perfect birthday door streamers!

I hope you enjoy this easy way to create some birthday fun! It works great for kids and adults. I did this for my husband’s birthday and he loved it. 🙂 Good luck!

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